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Skwash is an all-purpose productivity tool that allows users to track issues and manage tasks for their projects effectively. It aims to help guide users to complete their tasks on time, by gamifying the process. Pomodoro timer widgets are provided to help users manage their time, and reward them upon completing tasks on time. It also helps users organize and catalog issues their projects may have, and suggest high priority issues for them to solve.

The main goal is to incorporate the addictiveness of completing video game quests into a more productive setting.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Here are some ideas I want to implement as proof-of-concept, inspired by Duolingo’s method of learning and earning XP.

Task items as quests:

  • Each quest can be broken down into smaller quests
  • The user can estimate how much time a quest will take
    • i.e. short (15-30 min), medium (1 hr), long (2+ hrs)
  • XP is earned based on how close the actual time taken to complete the quest is with the initial estimated time (closer is better and encourages users to break down tasks as small as possible)
  • Not all tasks are created equal — some are simple and quick to do, some are recurring, and some require substantial effort to start and maintain focus. We can split these tasks into different categories.

The first phase in creating this MVP will be creating a general task list that rewards a fixed amount of XP for each completed task.